How can you use Engager?

The power of Engager is in its versatility. By using different combinations of actions you can design a program to suit any need. Here are a few examples of how you can use Engager. Contact us to learn more.

I need to ensure staff in different offices are up to speed on our latest products and techniques.

Use Engager to distribute a training video to all your staff. Use a quiz to confirm that the information was retained.


  • Enter Text
    Confirm the employee name.
  • Watch a Video
    Have your staff watch a training video.
  • Quiz
    Test whether your staff were paying attention.

I need to know the details of a competitor's new service offering.

Send users to act as mystery shoppers in specific locations. Design an Engager task to ensure your competitive advantage.


  • Location Check In
    Verify that the shopper is at the correct location via GPS.
  • Display Image
    Send instructions on what to do e.g. enquire about new product.
  • Upload Photo
    Have shoppers take photo of competitor displays.
  • Feedback Survey
    Ask critical questions about shoppers experience.

How can I confirm that all our stores across Australia have made safety changes to comply with new regulations?

Use a simple Engager task to quickly check safety compliance in multiple shops across Australia.


  • Location check in
    Users verify that they are at the correct location via GPS
  • Upload Photo
    Users take photo of exits and signage.

How can I boost sales by tapping into word of mouth referrals from our loyal customer base?

Engage your customers to act as brand ambassadors by referring your business to their friends and family.


  • Unique Codes
    Issue your customers with unique referral codes.
  • Enter Text
    Customers confirm when referrals will purchase.

I need customers to test my new product and tell me what they think about it.

Simplify product testing by using a single platform for recruitment, testing, feedback and rewards.


  • Scan Barcode
    Have customers scan a specific barcode on one of your products.
  • Upload Receipt
    Have customers confirm they have purchased the product by uploading the receipt.
  • Upload Photo
    Have the customers try the product and take a photo.
  • Survey
    Conduct a survey to get real time feedback from customers.

I want details on real life, in the moment, customer experiences. Not their recollections or guesses.

Use Engager to take users through a guided event specific task. Have them share their thoughts and experiences in real time.


  • Check In Location
    Get customers to check in their location for the event.
  • Upload Photos
    Have customers take a photo of themselves at the event.
  • Verbatim
    Get real commentary of events as they happen.
  • Time Delay
    Ensure that actions are completed in the correct sequence, at the correct time.

Try Engager now by downloading the Engager App and adding the Demo Task. Use the task code DEMOTASK