Flexible Rewards

All rewards issued are processed within the Engager App. No mailout, no waiting time, no hassles.

  • Cash for Gift Cards

    Users directly convert their rewards for a selection of giftcards e.g. Myer, David Jones, iTunes, JB HiFi, etc. Giftcards are either emailed to the user of can be accessed through the Engager App.

  • Entry to Prize Draws

    Users are given tickets in prize draws. The logistics of the prize draw can be handled by either Engager or by the client.

  • Store Vouchers

    Unique store discount vouchers can be issued within Engager. User need only to take their phone to the store to validate the voucher.

Customisable Tasks

Engager is built around a suite of actions specifically designed for smartphone use allowing for unprecedented access to user behaviour. Tasks are created using a series of actions. These tasks can be as simple or complex as required.

Tasks and actions can be triggered by time, location or specific answers to previous questions, allowing you to specifically tailor your program to any unique circumstance. Using specific actions you can have users give feedback, check in their location, answer surveys, download apps, upload photos, scan barcodes or watch videos.

All data is captured in real time so you know exactly when someone performed an action.

Anonymity Guaranteed

The Engager App does not require a sign in process or log in. Users can just download and start participating. Engager does not gather any user details, thereby ensuring that your members remain anonymous.

You can specifically require that your users supply personal details, in these cases Engager will abide by standard privacy guidelines.

Try Engager now by downloading the Engager App and adding the Demo Task. Use the task code DEMOTASK